Friday, February 11, 2011

The Arduino controlling a Von Weise actuator arm

Use PWM I can control the speed and direction of the arm using serial cmd's through the Arduino, this will let me have full remote control of my dish without the need for a satellite receiver

Here is a picture of the setup plus my bench.

Here is the sample src.

Im using an Arduino UNO Mega along with a DFRobots motor controller

The power supply is a 36v 10a ps bought off ebay, there are hundreds of them on there and they're cheap too.

The actuator is a Von Weise V76-5

edit: Well something went horribly wrong lol

Still not 100% sure what happened, was playing with python and py-serial to make a little Qt app for this and sparks and smoke everywhere

36v @ 10amps sure has some kick hehe

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