Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Watson antenna's. The 881 and 889

Long story short I ordered the 881 and I thought Canada Post lost it so being in a hurry I ordered the 889, both arrived the same day lol. Oh well so to compare them :)

The WSMA881 on 162.4mhz

The WSMA881 on 867mhz

The WSMA889 on 162.4mhz, there really is no difference here between the two antenna's

The WSMA889 on 876mhz here really shines when you shorten the antenna, because its telescopic from 5.5"-16". When left at full length it was no better nor worse. Shortened a little and it really took off as the superior of the two.

All the tests were done in my concrete basement with the scanner on the desk about 1ft away from the wall surrounded by electronics gear, a terrible environment for radio lol. But that was kind of the point, I didnt want a perfect environment to test it in, Im never in such a place so why test in one haha.

I want to thank Durham Radio for their excellent sales service. It looked like the 881 was lost in the mail and they got a 889 out to me next day on UPS I was really thankful for them.

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