Saturday, August 11, 2012


Here is a simple spectrum analyzer app for the stv0900 devices in linux, works with my Prof 7500. Should work with others but send me a shout if your using another device and how it works out for you.

here is the link to the src as well as the kernel patch's required.

The stb6100 has a hardware limitation of a bandwidth minimum of 5mhz so you'll never get the same detail from a Prof as you would a device designed for use as a spectrum analyzer. As you can see compared to the blsa.


  1. Which drivers did you compile to make the 7500 work on linux?

  2. I use the TBS tree (

    Its based on the v4l media tree around v3.0 kernel. So if your using a v3.0 kernel it should compile straight across, if your using a newer kernel or media tree it should only take minor tweaking to get it to patch