Sunday, September 5, 2010

genpix skywalker-1 linux driver mods

This will enable DSS and DGII tuning in linux. There isnt much you can do with DSS as it uses a different packet size, so you can lock the signal and unless you want to write more code, thats all. DGII on the other hand works fine. You;ll need an app that has the ability to pass the right cmd's on through FE_SET_PRPERTIES, like my tune-s2 app, then use demux to save the stream and play it in vlc. Ive tested it on starchoice's BC legislative network ZK channel. Others have tested it on music channels.

This patch also enables turbofec 8psk and qpsk through choosing the DVB-S2 system, then choosing 8psk or qpsk modulation.


  1. Do you have genpix SW1 linux driver i cant find anywhere.

    1. if you have the linux driver my email is