Sunday, September 5, 2010


tune-s2 is a small linux app Ive wrote to be able to tune my dvb devices, all I wanted it todo is control my motor, diseqc and 22khz switch's and tune a signal, from there it waits for the user to press the 'q' button to quit the app. This allows me to use other apps like my demux app or other apps like dvbsnoop and dvbtraffic.

the mips version is setup for the dreambox, so you'll need a proper crossbuild env to build that, I use openpli which on another topic is an amazing project run by some great developers.

edit: is a precompiled version for the dm800, it may work on other mips dreambox's but I only have a dm800 to test on. everyone really should compile it themselves to ensure it works smoothly, but try the compiled version if you want. copy it to /usr/bin and 'chmod +x tune-s2' before using

edit: December 19th 2010, Ive changed how the lock is determined, should be more compatible with various cards now.

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